CMSpice, quality spices directly from the source.


We have delivered fresh, high quality spices from Indonesia to the US, Asia and Europe markets for over twenty years. The raw products are sourced directly from our in-house plantations and local farmers at the growing areas - islands in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Our local team member in plantations across North Sulawesi have rich understanding of agricultural environments as well as natural elements and work closely with farmers focusing relentlessly to grow, harvest, and sort high grade spices. In our local warehouse, the spices are cleaned, sorted, tested, packed, and dated to ensure that the quality exceeds our international standards prior to shipping. In order to have better accountability and control, we handle our spices in-house from the collection plantations all the way to shipment.

Food quality & safety is our main goal. Each product is handled with the uppermost care and attention. Our teams are well established players in spice industry. Ingenuity and an eye for solutions make us the obvious choice for your spice sourcing vendor.   


EI Reconditioned Nutmeg

Whole Nutmegs

Mace - Broken 


Black Pepper - White Pepper



Main Locations

* Jakarta-Indonesia: Jl Dr. Soepomo, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan

* Manado/Siauw: Jl Lingkungan, Kombos, Sulawesi Utara


Marketing Office:


5001 Hadley Road

South Plainfield, NJ 07080

Direct: +1 732 513 4118


Fax:     +1 908 755 5313

Phone: +1 908 755 5343

-American Spice Trade Association Member

​-HACCP Certified